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This tool is developed for being used under the Community Building activities of the BleuTourMed_C3 project. The Search_the_MEd tool embodies a fully customizable search engine providing access to a wide range of documents related to tourism sustainability issues with particular focus on Mediterranean.

Action plan for maritime and coastal tourism in the Mediterranean
Pub Year:
Addressed Issues:
Capacity building and stakeholder engagement; MSP; Social well being
Sustainability Dimensions:
Economic; Environmental; Governance; Social
Spatial Reference:
Croatia; Cyprus; European International Mediterranean National Regional Macro-regional Local No; Italy; Local; Meditarranean; Regional; Spain
Trends, Blue Growth, Good environmental Status, Marine Protected Areas, indicators, sustainable tourism, needs, impacts, recommendations, MITOMED, beach, coastal zone, set of indicators, data collection, SWOT, gap analysis, action plan, M&C tourism, transport, quality of life, deseasonalisation, cultural heritage, conservation, energy consumption, waste management, NECSTouR, green destination, good practices, ETIS
Deliverable Match:
Action Plan; Data; Method; Tool
Funding Scheme:
Interreg transnational
Interreg transnational MED
Project Title:
MITOMED - Models of Integrated Tourism in the MEDiterranean

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